Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - THe Making of Harry Potter


The studio tour bus


Inside the bus


The studios in Watford


The entrance hall


The Great Hall


Hogwarts professors in the Great Hall


The Gryffindor Dormitory


The Gryffindor common room


The entrance to Dumbledore's office


Dumbledore's office


Snape's Potions classroom in the dungeons


Despite my fear of heights, I'm flying high above Hogwarts in my Raveclaw cloak


Remus Lupin's trunk


The Burrows


Dolores Umbridge's office


Rita Skeeter's costume among other


Entrance to the Forbidden Forest








Hogwarts Express


Letters from Hogwarts in Privet Drive

A mermaid head

George's and Nearly Headless Nick's heads

A helpless (and moveable) Voldemort

Thestrals and a dragon head

Diagon Alley

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes


Eeylops Owl Emporium

Model of the prefects' bathroom, complete with mermaid window

Model of the Burrows

Model of Hogwarts by night

Hogwarts by day

Hogwarts boathouse

I found Percy Weasley's wand!