Harry Potter on DVD

All of the Harry Potter films are available on DVD. You can get both 1 disc and 2 disc versions, the 2 discs including special features. These features vary depending on the format, as youíll get different bonus stuff on "ordinary" DVD, HD DVD and blu-ray. The special features also vary a bit from country to country.

Basically, you could say that with all films youíll get additional scenes, which is great. Furthermore, the first two films concentrate on PC-games and interactive tours of the HP-world whereas later films include material such as interviews with the cast, behind-the-scene clips and insights into the making of the films. This involves a lot of participation from the young cast, especially Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and the Phelps twins. The twins even did the commentary for the HD version of HP4. Hilarious!

The quality and amount of special features vary from film to film. I got the Danish and English DVD and blu ray versions and at the present my favourite top 3 looks like this:1. HP6, 2. HP4, 3. HP7p1 (UK/US blu-ray only). In any case, if youíre a HP film fan donít miss these special features, as they are as good as the films and a lot funnier!