Celebrity footy 4 Harry 2013 pics

The twins signing autographs in front of the Kop Reception, St. Andrew's Stadium.

Still signing.


Oliver (left) and The Moseley Mob warming up.

James (far right) and Harry's Heroes warming up.

The two teams entering the pitch. Oliver in white drinking water, James in blue with a little girl and carrying his sweatshirt.

Oliver between mascot boy and goal keeper Stevie Ayton.

James with sweatshirt and mascot girl.

The two teams (James is the second from the right in the front row, Oliver is standing to the right of the goalie in the back row).

Oliver & Co.

Oliver did a lot of walking on the pitch.

Eyes on the ball!

Oliver (2) in action.

The twins were interviewed during half time.

James was injured and didn't enter the pitch until halfway through the second half. He was wearing number 8 and the twins played against each other.

Another shot of the twins - this time with the ref.

Oliver's team won 12-2.

The twins thanking each other for the game.